Here are some frequently asked questions. In case you have some additional questions, kindly contact us to book appointment to our endermologie.

 How long is the procedure? LPG procedure for fat and cellulite reduction will last 45 minutes.

Do you process only my problem areas? The main focus is directed at the problem areas, but the entire body must be treated in order to stimulate general circulation and eliminate toxic compounds decomposed.

How many must undergo the procedure, that the results are evident? You can feel the results already after the first time. Treated area is much smoother and softer. As the results of every human being is different, the average person will notice the biggest change in about 3 to 6 after the session. Problematic “orange peel” skin is smoother, the body has taken shape, and is toned beautifully.

How many procedures should I take for a start? 10 times sessions would be a very good start to achieve immediate results. The first six, we recommend to take during two weeks, the rest of the procedures, we recommend to take twice a week until the desired result is achieved. After achieved the desired results, it is sufficient to continue to go once or twice a month.

How long should I continue with the procedures? We recommend that you approach cellulite as a lifestyle change. As we go steadily styling, we need to make the cellulite on a regular basis. If we are not aware of such a problem, cellulite will be back.

Is the procedure painful? Although this is an intensive procedure, then well done massage should never hurt. During and after its completion you feel the true sense of well-being. If the session is painful, the setting is not properly regulated. Do not be afraid to tell your endermologie if you feel discomfort!

What should I be wearing during the procedure? Our guests can purchase a special, stocking-like LPG Endermowear costume that is reusable and washable. Each one has his own costume. This special costume ensures apparatus rollers efficient work.

Is it for everyone? Generally, LPG massage should not be used for severe and progressive disease, where there is a serious circulatory problems, or inflammation of the veins. In case of any doubt, please consulate with Your family doctor!

Could it be any side effects? The only negative side effect that is possible is some bruising for people who have very sensitive skin. LPG procedures generate a lot of positive side effects: relieving sore muscles, smoothing stretch marks and scar tissue, you feel youthful and relaxed.

Is it a weight loss program? No. Lose weight basis of a training and nutrition program. You can achieve incredible results by combining our procedures with your weight loss program. LPG procedures as a result you will notice that the clothes sits on better and you have lost a few cm to your body size.

Do I need to do anything further in order to achieve good results? Yes. You should drink enough water because water is the fountain of life. Our body needs appr. 2L of pure water a day to remove toxins.

Are these procedures also designed for men? Certainly, though men are not very prone to deal with their own body. It has been clinically proven that the men are able to achieve excellent results in such troubled regions as ‘handles’ at the waist and sagging skin on the hands and neck. LPG procedure stimulates the body’s natural processes, as well as relaxes tense muscles.

Are the results permanent? If the factors that led to the initial condition is not changed, then the fat comes back to where it was before endermologie procedures. Regular physical activity, a balanced diet and 1-2 endermologie monthly maintenance is recommended to maintain the results achieved.

Is endermologie a new invention? Endermologie is a special procedure for influencing cellulite and body shaping since 1986. Every day, nearly 200,000 procedures carried out in the head in 110 countries around the world.

Is it really effective? Is it scientifically proven? LPG technique has been used many years by plastic surgeons, dermatologists, physiotherapists, beauty institutes and spas all over the world.
Its efficacy has been proven 145 clinical and scientific studies. Major studies coordinated by Professor Lafontan (INSERM, Toulouse) by showing that the last generation cellu M6 motorized rolls activates lipolysis (fat detachment grew to 70%) by stimulating the fat cell via ß receptors, which are responsible for the removal of fat.

-progressive tumor
-complicated diabetes
-heavy heart and kidney diseases
-vein extension
-open wounds
-higher skin changes

If in doubt, consult with Your family doctor or a medical doctor at once!

Kindly contact us, if you have any additional question!