LPG introduction

LPG massage has been invented by engineering education Louis Paul Guitay, who after a serious car accident, went for a long rehabilitation to rebuild the damaged and scarred skin. Seeing how well is the effect on the skin and to the tissues, while processing it with the hand rollers, he decided to supplement it by changing it to mechanical massage. His invented massage type was patented in 1987 and it was called Endermologie® massage.
Endermologie equipment arose when examining tissue therapy (scars, burns, swelling), and has proven its performance for the past 38 years. This natural, non-invasive, non-aggressive method respects the naturalness of the skin, balances the physiological processes and meets the aesthetic expectations of women, no matter what with beauty associated problems they have: localized fat deposits, cellulite, wrinkles, sagging skin etc.
Thanks to the patented LPG Cellu M6 cell stimulating technology, LPG has been already recognized by more than one hundred countries, as the leading non-invasive anti-aging and skin smoothing technology solution that provides long-lasting and visible results.
LPG has included its development processes scientists and physicians, who day by day deals with different researches how endermologie techniques have effect on the human body. As of today, there are already 165 clinical surveys, which all confirms efficiency of this procedure.

Endermologie maintenance is carried out by a machine, which constitutes a vacuum hose attached to separate motors for the two rollers of massages, which effectively treats the skin and tissue: suction will raise the skin little bit above so rollers could treated fat tissue, releasing lymph, which is compressed into the fat cells and their surrounding residual substances. Released residue are moving along with lymph fluid into the blood as a result of the procedure, and then travel through the kidneys to urine where it exits from the body.
LPG tissue massage will improve and activates general metabolism, lipolysis, and lymph circulation is accelerated. During LPG massage there will be affected points of nerve systems and blood circulation, as a thereby it will also reduce the condition of cold feet, improves sleeping, decreases psycho emotional tension. Digestion is improved due to the acceleration of metabolism, salt deposits in the joints begin to dissolve. It is therefore necessary during the course of the LPG procedures to drink clean water every day, because through the urine leaves from the body the residual substances.
LPG treatments are aimed to anyone who has problems with cellulite, excess body weight, edema on the body or feet, sagging skin, signs of aging. Also for those, who want to improve the body’s metabolic processes, reduce the peripheries, activate the lymphatic and blood circulation in the body, cleanse the body of waste products.

Some examples how effective is LPG Endermologie® procedures:

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